2021 fashion is truly global, yet the industry continues to struggle with representing the rich diversity of individuals who see the power and the fun in engaging with fashion.
IFW’s continued mission is to diversify our runways and reflect the demographics of people who follow fashion. In 2020 that mission was put on hold and more than anything else we missed interacting with the designers, models, photographers, and fashion fans who keep our mission going.
We used the time away from traditional runway shows to dream of new ways to continue our mission and we are proud to announce the launch of IFW’s FASHION REBEL.
This is a new kind of competition that will challenge the industry’s out-dated standards of beauty.
FASHION REBEL is open to everyone: ANY AGE, ANY SIZE, ANY GENDER.FASHION REBEL will show the world the qualities that make a person beautiful have little to do with being tall, thin, and a teenager.
FASHION REBEL will show the industry the future of fashion: inclusive, purposeful, and powerful.
IFW and its partners have over a decade of experience in valuing diverse voices and giving them a global platform – from the designers/models/photographers/HMUAs we work with to our managing team. The winner of FASHION REBEL will become The Face of IFW 2021 and our mission: Changing the Face of Fashion.
We are looking for anyone with confidence and charisma who loves the spotlight!
We’re looking for anyone with curiosity and kindness who loves the spotlight!
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